Letting go worrying thoughts is easier than you think

The challenge

Too often in life we get overwhelmed by problems and everyday drama. We try to get the things we want and fail. Trouble follows us everywhere. We are being told to stay positive and try harder. But it only makes it worse. After listening to all this advice and putting in all the effort we’re still in the same place where we’ve started. What to do? The answer is letting go.

What to do?

The real issue lies not in us being not good enough or trying hard enough. Quite the opposite. We fight our problems and issues by tackling them head-on. What we should do instead is to relax our grip on the problem and just let go. The art of letting go is really simple. If you know how to drop an object out of your hand, this is exactly what you should do to let go. Just drop it. Any worrisome thoughts, issues and dramas – you can stop putting your energy into them.


letting go easily
Let go of your worries and let the real clarity shine through

Letting go is the solution

You will say “but how can I just stop fighting my issues, they won’t just go away?”. Look at your past and see how helpful fighting them has been so far? If it had worked all your problems would have been resolved by now! In fact, the opposite happens. By keeping the issue in our head we are perpetuating the thoughts and preventing the real answers from coming into our mind. Try to remember the times you’ve found the solution just as you’ve given up and decided to drop thinking about what was bothering you. Sometimes what we need is exactly the opposite of what we think we require.

Set yourself free

As soon as you become aware of what is happening you can make the decision to change it. Try it and you will see that it just works. Next time you catch yourself thinking about an issue just ask yourself: “can I let it go?”. And just drop it!

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